Standard Recipe | Importance of Standard Recipe

Standard Recipe are set of instructions that gives information about Menu to be prepared. It is generally prepared by Executive Chef  Teams. Standard Recipes should be followed strictly for various Reason. Which are :-

  • The recipe provides various information like name of dish, number of portion , portion size, Garnish, Time taken to prepare.

  • Standard Recipe also helps to calculate the Food cost easily and efficiently 

  • It is easier to calculate cost of particular ingredients used.

  • It helps to ensure right quality and quantity of ingredients is used each time

  • It helps to understand Accompaniment served with the dish and how to serve 

  • Standard Recipe is Tools for fixing Menu in food and beverage Operation

  • It ensures quality in food and standard operating procedures .also , uniformity in taste is brought.


Name of dish:
No of portion:
Portion size:
Garnish :
Accompaniment :, Ingredients,Quantity, unit, unit cost ,total cost,Remarks 

The, ingredients, quantity, unit,unit cost,total cost, Remarks are written in order after writing the details about the dish.

  • Ingredients consists type of ingredients used , ingredient used particular
  • Quantity consists amount of ingredients we used
  • Unit is of quantity. It is expressed in gram, kg, tablespoon, teaspoon , litre, ml
  • Unit cost represents how much is the price of quantity we are using ,expressed in kg or litre.
  • Total cost represents amount , total cost of ingredients we are using. How much cost of ingredients we are using.

example :- ingr quantity unit unitcost  total cost  R.
  1.   Oil.       4.         tbsp.   130/kg.      8

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