Evolution of Tourism in world

Evolution is gradual development of ideas , situation and evolution of tourism is slow , gradual and positive development of tourism through history to present . It is Progressive development of tourism over time. 

The evolution of tourism can be divided among three phases -

1. Phase 1 ( period before 1840) :-

This phase is phase before industrial revolution and people used to travel mainly for -
  • Travel for trade and commerce : people used to travel for trade and commerce from one country to another country. 
  • Travel for seeking knowledge : They also used to travel for seeking knowledge and explore new land,places
  • Travelling for pilgrimage purpose : Many people used to travel for religious purpose

2. Phase 2 ( period between first and second world war ) 

In phase two , Transportation sector was very much developed and 
  • Introduction of railway Transportation : The introduction of railway transport was early starting phase of tourism . In 1841 ,the birth of organized rail travel came in existence with idea of Thoms cook who organized tour of 570 people by train
  • Introduction of stem engine : James watt invented stem engine through which many big ship were invented. Many people started to travel by ship. Intercontinental travel started through seas.
  • Contributions by Thomas Cook : Thomas Cook was travel agent . He is known as father of tourism and was first person to establish first tour and travel agency. He was first person to develop organized tour with help of train, ship , hotel.
  • Industrial revolution : Due to industrial revolution the population of city and town start increasing. They felt need of relief from work and large number of accommodation and recreation place started operating in different places. 

3. Phase 3 ( After world war second to till now)
After the second world war two , tourism became need in the countries and great expansion in tourism field started. New factories started opening and living standard of people was greatly increased. In phase 3,
  • Introduction of motor car , bus : The motor car and bus manufacturing were started in fully commercial scale for public . People started travelling more than ever.

  • Introduction of paid holidays : Also, the introduction of paid holiday started and people started travelling for refreshment towards various location. The package tour also started which was choosen by most people as it included all the cost in a package

  • Air transport by introduction of jet : Air Transportation was opened for public / civilian and different commercial airlines company started operating. The air transport was further developed by development of jumbo jets which makes air transport even more safe , comfortable and short. 
  • Introduction of information technology:  information and technology has revolutionised tourism to great extent. Now reservation and travel arrangements can be done in a click with tip of finger. Different places can be promoted in with internet. 

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