Undesirable and Negative Attitude of Waiter

Some negative and undesirable attitude which waiter should avoid are :- 

  • Wearing unpolished shoes and dirty socks

  • Talking too much to guests and disturbing while they are having conversations

  • Forgetting to say " thank you " and " Excuse me" to guests.

  • Counting tips and asking tip from guests

  • Ignoring the guest requests

  • Using bad words and giving bed service

  • Hurrying the guest so that they leave early to go home early

  • Adding wrong items 

  • Eating and cheering gum , rubbing hair in service

  • Carrying pen , pencil behind ear

  • Having bad mouth, body odour , dirty nails.

  • Wearing dirty uniform

  • Coughing and sneezing carelessly

  • Do not greet guests 
  • Serving wrong food items and wrong courses

  • Serving wrong accompaniment

  • Serving from wrong side

  • Leaving soiled cutleries and crockery on table 

  • Carelessly leaving the table
  • Taking wrong orders
  • Do not helping guest in seating 
  • Forgetting to recognize guest 

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