Cookies and Biscuits


The terms biscuit comes from french world bus which means twice and wit means baked. It is sweet or savoury dry flat and have high calorie content. Biscuit is made of flour , butter and sugar/salt. 

Cookies is derived from Dutch word koekje which many little cake. Cookies are loaded with flavours and take more time to bake. Cookies are moist and chewy. Cookies are available on different shape , size , Flavouring and Texture. The American began to use word cookie while English continue to use word biscuit for same product. 

  • Cookies requires Soft dough while biscuit require hard dough
  • Cookies are little heavier than biscuits where as biscuit are fluffier than cookies
  • Cookies contain more sugar than biscuits
  • Texture of cookies is heavy, rough and crispy and are generally sweet while biscuit are either savoury or sweet

1. Bar and Square cookies

2. Drop cookies

3. Rolled cookies

4. Pressed cookies

5. Moulded or shaped cookies

6. Refrigerated cookies

7. Piped cookies. 

Bar and drop cookies are made with soft dough having high percentage of liquid while other varieties calls for a stiff dough usually less sweet and often higher fat content 


Cooking mixing method are similar to cake mixing method . The main difference is that less liquid is incorporated, therefore less gluten . Method of Mixing are :- 

One stage - In one stage method all the ingredients are mixed at once

Creaming - Creaming method is identical to the Creaming method for cakes. Small amount of creaming is desirable.

Sponge method - It is similar to egg foam method for cake. 


The mixing of cookies are simple so they are classified according to their makeup.

1. Rolled cookies :- cookies are rolled and then cut into cutters. They are tough and inferior cookies and required a little more manpower so many establishment doesn't bake this types of cookies

2. Dropped :- These cookies are made from soft dough and batter is deposited in a sheet for baking with spoon . We used Dropped method when when our dough contains pieces of nuts , chocolate chips . 

3. Bagged :- It is also called pressed cookies and is made of soft dough. The dough is soft so that it can be passed through piping bag but it should be able to hold it's shape

4. Moulded :- Each pieces of dough is moulded into desired shape

5. Icebox cookies :- They are called refrigerated cookies because rolled of dough are prepared in advance and kept in refrigerator . They are then, baked when required.


1. The dough should be never overprocessed

2. If cookies stick on the pan, put the pan back into oven for fee seconds which helps to loosen cookies easily.


There are many faults in cookies which we see. Some common cookies fault are :-

1. Our Cookies spread excess if we use Excessive sugar , Baked at too low oven temperature and the batter used has very soft consistency.

2. Our Cookies will stick to the pan if our dough has excessive egg content ,is soft and we use unclean pan.

3. Our Cookies will lack spread if it is baked on too low oven temperature and dough is excessively mixed. 

4. Our Cookies will be crisp ,if they are low in moisture , high sugar and fat content and is baked enough to dry moisture

5. Our Cookies will be soft if we used high proportion of liquid , low sugar and fat and makes it large size/thick shape.

6. Our Cookies will become chewiness if we use high sugar and egg and high liquid content

7. Baking soda and ammonia helps in spreading of Cookies along with heavy greasing of tray and coarse sugar added.

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