Types of Rooms in hotel

Guest are offered  wide choice of Rooms with upgraded facilities now days. The type of rooms varies as per hotel location, standard, services. Some types of room are:
  • Single Room :- A room arranged to one person, having one bed
  • Twin Room :- A Room with two twin bed meant for one person each
  • Double room :- A Room with double bed for two person
  • Queen Room :- A room with queen size bed . Queen bed have size of 60 * 80 inch
  • King Room :- A room with king size bed of size 78*80 inch
  • Studio Room :- A room with studio bed
  • Mini suite :- A large Room with bad and sitting area
  • Suite Room :- it have one or more bed room , bar , small kitchen and other facilities
  • Connecting Room :- A room with inter - cooked door between them
  • Adjoining Rooms :- Rooms with common wall but not connecting door
  • Adjacent Room :- Rooms located across the hall . Corridor separate this two door from each other 
  • Cabana :- A room adjacent to pool area with sofa mainly used for changing.
  • Duplex :- A two storey suite with bedrooms and parlour connected by staircase
  • Lanai :- A Room overlooking landscapes area , scene view or garden
  • Parlour :- A living room used for sitting not sleeping
  • Sample room :- A display room used for showing
  • Executive room :- A room with large bedroom, sitting arrangements, chair ,sofa , coffee table. 
  • Penthouse :- A room that opens onto roof and accompanied by swimming pool and tennis court

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