5 Ways in Which Smart Hotel Technology Can Improve Revenue

5 Ways in Which Smart Hotel Technology Can Improve Revenue

Guest article by - Karan Iyer

More and more travellers are using technology to personalise their travel experiences in the digital age. Digital technology helps travellers make hotel bookings, flight reservations and book tickets to destinations in advance. This trend of tech-driven travel services has also changed the way hotels operate their business.

Hotels have adopted technology like property management systems to deliver simpler, more hassle-free guest experiences. It has helped them cut costs, increase sales and design seamless operational processes for their business. Deploying emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence and agile in the hotel industry may be the way forward for your business. Here are some advantages of using technology to expand your hotel business – 

  • Streamlined Booking Process – Simplify your booking procedures by deploying a property management system as software or app for your hotel. The PMS app enables your management staff to look into hotel operations at any time and from anywhere. A hotel PMS can accept bookings from various channels and OTAs at once. It reduces the scope of error, automates inventory updates on all booking channels, and reduces booking management costs.
  • Improve Hotel Guest Experience – Delivering a flawless guest experience is every hotel’s priority. Using guest-facing technology can help you keep your guests happier and increase your returns. Introduce avenues to encourage customer feedback, respond to online reviews thanking positive reviews, and resolve bad reviewers. It helps create a better experience for guests and leaves a good impression on future guests researching your hotel. For example, contactless technologies ensure guest safety in pandemic times, and check-in kiosks simplify the process for business travellers who stay for a short time and bring very little luggage. 
  • Helps you Upsell & Cross-Sell Better – Digital hotel technology allows you to gather guest data through your app, website or software. Collecting relevant data, analysing it, and drawing insights from this data can help you understand how to upsell and cross-sell to improve hotel revenue. 
  • Hotel Data Analytics – Analysing the booking data can help your hotel management make informed decisions about the services you offer. Booking trends help predict the rise or fall in demand, enabling hoteliers to offer promotional codes and discounts on different channels. Suppose you understand the best booking channels for your hotel. In that case, you could analyse the market and figure out the rates your competition offers their rooms.
  • Secured Payments – Technology can help you create a hassle-free payment experience for your guests. Facilitate online payments and money transfers to confirm bookings through secure online payment platforms. You can also share your usage and cancellation policies with the guests paying in advance by emailing them.

The prime objective of running a hotel business is to increase revenue by improving customer satisfaction. Guests who experience comfort and care in your hotel are likely to visit again. Hotel technology can assist you in fulfilling this business goal. Deploying the right technology can help you offer a wholesome experience to your guests – right from the moment they make the booking until they check out. After reading this article, we hope you found new ways to enhance your hotel revenues by using technology.

Author Bio:

Karan Iyer is an end-to-end digital marketer and blogger who inherently understands the hotel industry with his hospitality background. Karan knows how to convert the pain points and challenges of the hotel industry into business opportunities, and that's what he writes about for his readers. He also shares industry trends, insights and news to help his readers stay up-to-date.


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