How To Become a Good Chef?

How To Become a Good Chef?

How to be a good chef? In this article I am going to give you some tips on how to become a good chef. Actually, there is a huge difference between a cook and chef. Everyone can cook, however,not everyone can become a chef. It takes immense hard-work, dedication, Passion, and eagerness to learn to become a chef. Moreover, let's not forget the professional experience, creativity, standard recipe which is even more important. This is what distinguishes the chef from a cook. 

You cannot learn to cook in a week. You cannot learn to cook in a month. You cannot learn to cook in a year. Cooking is a perpetual learning process and that takes years and requires a lot more dedication and refining process along with physical & mental fitness, agility and great taste buds. They enjoy cooking and think cooking is fun. 

  • A good chef understands recipes. Before he starts to prepare a recipe he reads it all the way through. He understands abbreviations, cooking terms, and follows the recipe step-by-step. After the chef is familiar with the recipe he or she may change it to suit personal tastes.
  • A good chef uses a variety of equipment like chinosis, mixer, food processor, blender, immersion blender, grill pan, and other appliances. He is also familiar with kitchen tools like a whisk, melon-baller.
  • A good chef masters basic techniques. He knows how to saute, poach, braise, steam, grill, shallow-fry, stir-fry, Deep fry and microwave food. In addition, he knows how to make a white sauce, thicken sauces with flour and cornstarch, beat egg whites, and temper eggs. He has mastered both the dry and moist medium of cooking. 
  • A good chef relies on fresh ingredients. Seasonal fruits and vegetables are the starting point for meals. He always buys fresh and flavorful cuts of meat through a reputable supplier. 
  • A good chef uses sharp knives. A dull knife is a dangerous knife. So, a good cook cares for knives properly, keeps them sharp, and stores them safely. He also practices food safety. He or she washes hands thoroughly before touching food and during preparation. He uses separate cutting boards for meat and vegetables and washed well after use.
  • A good chef plans interesting menus. He knew about the menu engineering and menu planning process.
  • A good chef makes simple things well. He always adds love to the food. He pays attention to what he is doing, and takes the time to do it. Whether it is the first ingredient or last, a chef's love is what makes food so delicious.

  • Moreover, As we all know cooking is both art and science and When you have already learned the basic science and art of cooking, mastered it fully well, there is no way you would not be able to learn its complexities. The good chef's always Stick to the basic principles of cooking and do not hesitate to go from the simple to the complex recipes by modifying easy recipes, changing its seasoning. 
  • A good chef always keeps himself well-informed and updated about the world of cooking. If there are new practices in cooking, he practices it. He watches TV shows about cooking to learn from other people and to learn new recipes that other people make. 

These are the few things you must expertise yourself on to become a good chef. 

  1. Balancing the flavour of food.
  2. Making stock.
  3. Making sauce and mastering mother sauces. 
  4. Making a roux.
  5. Understanding the effect of time. and temperature on food.
  6. Knowledge of herbs and spices.
  7. Knowledge on Nutritional value of food.
  8. Business and communication skills.
  9. Knife skills.
  10. Keeping everyone safe in the kitchen.
  11. Making salad dressing.
  12. Excellent eye for detail.
  13. Creating No drugs environment.
  14. Knowledge on ingredients, quantity and pricing of food
  15. Ability to work in a team.
  16. Ability to handle criticism and openness for feedback. 

17. Knowledge on how to deglaze, how to mount, how to clarify, how to pan-roast, how to blanch and peel, how to tourner. Lastly, practice, practice and practice. Eat in many places as possible and observe their presentation, flavour And try to blend your skills and knowledge on it for refining the dishes flavour further. 

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