Food And Beverage Personnel Duties And Responsibilities

Talking about food and service department ,it has high number of staffs when compared to other department. The duties and responsibilities of different food and beverage service staffs are given below :-

1 Food and Beverage Manager :

He is the head of department who looks both administrative and operational works. He reports to general manager and supervises all food and beverage staff.

Duties and Responsibilities -

  • To train, motivate and supervise service personnel
  • To prepare budget of the department
  • Resolve complaints from guest and staff .
  • To assign duty to staff ensuring equity of work
  • To co - ordinate with executive chef for Preparation of Hotel Menu and special of the day/weeks
  • To quality check and control food and beverages
  • Conduct daily briefings 
  • To represent department in Hotel meeting
  • To evaluate performance of service personnel for promotion, transfer and dismissal 
  • Track and order shipments 
  • Set duty schedules for outlet managers and supervisors
  • To verify daily sales of department

2. Restaurant Manager :

He is also known as outlet manager and is head of outlet of a hotel. He reports to food and beverage manager and supervises all staff working under him. He have responsibility for a particular outlet.

Duties and responsibilities -

  • Check Mis-en-scene and mis-en-place done by the team
  • To maintain discipline and assign duties to staff ensuring equity of work
  • Prepare duty roaster of his outlet
  • To train his staff for efficiency
  • Set and monitor standard of service
  • To check punctuality and grooming of staff of his outlet

3. Senior Captain :

He is also known as Maitre D' hotel  and is supervisory level position. He reports to restaurant manager and supervises trainee, captain , waiter. He have overall responsibility for operation.

Duties and Responsibilities -

  • Supervise food service to ensure efficiency and effectiveness in service
  • Attend immediately to assist guest in confusion for guest satisfaction
  • To take orders in busy hour
  • To ensure, check proper Mis-en-scene and mis-en-place of of the restaurant
  • To receive the guest and supervise staff
  • To perform briefings and de-briefing
  • To follow instructions set by restaurant manager

4. Captain : 

He is also known as chef de rang and is head waiter. He is incharge of a particular section/station  so, he should have knowledge of food and beverage and should be able to discuss the menu with guest. He reports to senior Captain and supervises waiter , trainee. 

Duties and responsibilities -

  • To ensure clearance from the table has been done systematically and in proper manner
  • To assign duties to steward and trainee ensuring equity of work
  • To promote selling through push selling and suggestive selling technique
  • To train staff under him on dining Etiquette
  • He should have ability to use restaurant and bar equipments
  • He should have knowledge about food and beverage service style and food, beverage
  • To receive guest and make seating arrangements
  • To take orders from the guest 
  • To check uniform of satffs under him and their punctuality
  • To ensure correct Mis-en-scene and mis-en-place of  dining areas
  • To take inventory of all equipments timely 
  • To allocate tables to waiter and steward in his station

5. Waiter :

He is also known as commis De rang and and reports to captain.  He serves food, beverages and perform mis-en-place and Mis-en-scene along with clearing of table.

Duties and responsibilities -

  • To attend briefing and attend duty in proper grooming and hygiene
  • To perform mis-en-place and Mis-en-scene 
  • To polish and clean service equipment
  • To receive payment after presenting bill
  • To make table setting / make table serviceable
  • To ensure safety and customer satisfaction at work
  • To receive and exchange linens from housekeeping department. Moreover, he should also get requisitioned restaurant items from store
  • To perform duties assigned by Management
  • To serve the food items correctly and in correct way 
  • To help guest in seating
  • To take correct order of food and beverages
  • To answer guest queries promptly
  • To set up table and inform guest about special of the day
  • Provide excellent service to guest

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