Attributes Of Housekeeping Staff

No matter how luxurious the decoration or how aesthetic the guestroom may be , grumpy, poorly trained and unhelpful staff can destroy potential customer satisfaction. Some personal attributes of Housekeeping are. -

1. Pleasant personality :- 

It is the result of good grooming and good presentation in front of guests. He/she should be turned out in well iron clean uniforms, aftershaves and perfumes should not be too strong . minimum jewellery and light make up is for female staff. Unclean manner like chewing gum, scratch of face hair in front of guest should be avoided

2. Physical fitness :-

House keeping us a 24*7*365 operation and staff need to work long hour on feet . similarly most works are manual and have to lift heavy Equipment also. Physical fitness is a must to cope with nature of this work.

3. Personal hygiene :-

Housekeeping staff should take bath daily, their hair must be well Combed, nail clean. Their mouth should be free of offensive odour and any infection should be reported.

4. Eye for detail :- 

House keeping department must keep eye on whole property for care and maintenance. Similarly, they are also eyes and ear of establishments.

5. Adaptability :-

Housekeeping staffs should be willing to try out and experiment different ideas.

6. Honesty :-

Housekeeping staff have direct access to guestroom . They also deal with.various kind of guest amenities which are tempting . So they should be honest 

7. Good memory :-

This is an essential asset in Housekeeping personnel . They should be able to identify regular guest , their preferences and choice .

8. Loyalty :-

Employer should be loyal to their company. A situation should never arise where employees use guest as their sounding board

9. Punctually :-

If employee is continually late for duty ,it shows lack of interest in work and lack of respect for Management and his job

10. Calmness :-

Housekeeping personnel should remain calm in various kind of emergency situation

11. Tact and diplomacy :-

Some guest make unusual complaints and demands . Sometimes guest demand services that over ride Management policies. It requires a lot of tact and diplomacy to handle such guests.

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