Side Station / Dumb waiter / Side Board

It is a piece of furniture with drawers , shelves, cupboards. It is used by food and beverage service personnel for keeping all service Equipment , tableware, service ware for number of cover. It helps in quick and smooth functioning of service and also used as Landing area for the dishes picked from kitchen to table and soiled dish from guest table to the wash up areas. The sideboard should be kept clean and following items are stored on it :-

  • Knives , spoon ,fork , tongs
  • Plates, cups, saucers, 
  • Water jugs, glasses
  • Cruet sets , ashtrays
  • Service tray , slavers
  • Bud vases, toothpick 
  • Menu card
  • Table clothes , napkins, slip clothes
  • Sugar , honey , salt , pepper

Sideboard is usually made of woods and holds cutleries, crockery, glassware, Holloware and table appointments . It should be restocked timely

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