Layout and Section of Front Office

The front office department of a hotel comprises of various sections depending on the size of hotel. It is divided into various sub- section which perform various roles and Function. The various sections within the front office department are reservation, reception, information desk , front office cash and bill section, bell desk, travel desk, telephone exchange operator, business centre , reception e.t.c 

Another model of layout of front office is :-

1. Reservation :- most hotel booking are made through reservation. Request for reservation of room comes from various sources and are received, proceed, documented and retrieved at appropriate time . The main function of this section is :-
  • Handle all reservations requests politely and promptly without delay after receiving reservation request
  • Update availability of room after each reservation transaction that is after confirmation, amendment and cancellation 
  • Confirm reservation request
  • Deal with various Booking charts

2. Reception :- It is the place where guest register themselves into the hotel . it is headed by front office supervisor and comprises team of receptionist and desk assistant. The basic roles of reception are:-
  • Welcoming guest
  • Registering the guest
  • Assign room and rates
  • Issue  a room key
  • Maintain guest bills and settle their account.
3. Information desk :- It provides various information to the guest .it is handled by information assistant. similarly it also :-
  • Handle guest message
  • Co-ordinate with guest mails, parcels
  • Providing information to guest related to hotel facilities and about city
  • Paging guest
  • Maintain resident guest racks
4. Telephone operator :- It is another essential section of front office department located at backside handled by telephone operator. This area is not visible to guests 
It performs Function like :-
  • Answering incoming calls
  • Directing calls to Guestroom through switchboard
  • Answering inquiries about hotel facilities and events
  • Processing guest wake up calls
5. Front office cash and bill section :- it is located within front  desk. It record all monetary transaction of guest. It maintain guest folios and prepare guest bills to be collected by guest at the time of departure.
  • Responsible for handling safe deposit locker
  • Opening guest folio
  • Posting charge in guest folio
  • Recording credit charges
  • Prepare bill
  • Exchanging foreign currency
6. Business centre :- It is visible area in front desk with laptop, printers and computers.  There are photocopy and fax machines as well. Function of business are is :-

  • Fax can be done
  • Laptop can be hired
  • Typing and printing facility
  • Photo copying facility
  • Provide fast internet connection
7. Bell desk :- It is the small counter in lobby near main entrance of hotel situated on clear view of front desk , cashier and door man.some of its Function are :-
  • Handling guest Luggage
  • Escorting guest to their room upon arrival
  • Posting guest mails
  • Paging guest in public area of hotel
  • Check and verify Discrepancy report
8. Concierge :- concierge provide personalized service like  ticket for concert, dinner reservation, arranging anything they need. They also distribute newspaper early to the guest room. They also helps in hiring car, airplane ticket , transport facilities. 

These are the section and layout within front office department and is nerve centre , heart of the hotel 

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