Cover | A' la carte Cover | Table D ' hote cover

Cover | A' la carte Cover | Table D ' hote cover

Cover is space required on table for number of people with proper Layout to have food and beverage comfortably.The size of cover is 24" * 18 "  for one person. Cover also refers to count of guest for seating arrangement. A cover consists of Ap knife, fork, glass, napkin and side plate mainly.


1. All the cutlery and crockery should be placed 2 inch from the edge of table

2. Knives should be placed on right of the dinner plate while forks are placed in left

3. Butter knife is placed in side plate on left hand side outside fork

4. Cutting edge of knife should be towards the plate

5. Napkin should be fold and placed in side plate or middle of knife and fork.

  • A ' la Carte cover 
A 'la Carte offers wide and various choice so the layout will be for first course only. We don't know what he will be eating so cutleries will be supplied as per orders. While setting up for a la Carte order :-

Place Ap knife and Ap fork. Place side plate and butter knife on left hand outside fork. Place water glass at tip of AP knife and serviette between knife and fork with attractive folding. Add cutlery as per the orders. But there should be always cruet sets and bud vase in middle of table.

  • Table D' hote cover 

It is the entire course menu and we know what will the guest be eating so cover layout is made in advance. While setting table :-

1. Lay the Moulton first and then clean crisp Table cloth in a table.

2. Place cruets sets, bud vase, in middle of table 

3. Place side plate and butter knife on left side

4. Now place Ap knife on right and Ap fork in left . The space between inner knife and fork should be 12 inch. After Ap knife , put Fish knife on right

5. Put glass/ water goblets on tip of  AP knife 

6. Check for spacing for all items. 

7. Place napkin / serviette between fork and knife in table.

Here, 9 is side plate and 8 is Butter knife while 7 is fish fork, 6 is AP fork , 4 is Ap knife, 3 is AP SPOON but we can place Fish knife for appetizer also there. 2 is soup spoon , 1 is water goblet. 10 and 11 are dessert fork and dessert spoon in this Table d' hote cover layout.also instead of plate on middle we can place Guest napkin with attractive napkin fold.

Cover Layout For Breakfast

For English breakfast we need, Ap knife and fork , Napkin, Tea/coffee pot, Butter dish , Tea/coffee cup with tea spoon, Milk jug, sugar pot, side knife , side plate and cruet set

For continental breakfast we need , Napkin , tea/coffee pot, Butter dish , side knife , side knife , Tea/ coffee cup with saucier, Milk jug, sugar pot

For American breakfast we need Ap knife and fork, Napkin, Tea/coffee pot , cup with saucier , sugar pot , Milk jug , cruet set , tea spoon, Side plate and side knife 

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