Nutrients - Vitamins

The term ' vitamin ' was coined from the word " vital amines ". It is a term used for group of organic compounds other than proteins, carbohydrate and fat which are found in small quantities in food and essential to perform specific functions of body like maintenance, growth , protection.

Vitamins are :- 

  • Micro Nutrient
  • Non caloriegenic
  • Organic

Vitamins are grouped according to their Solubility in either Fat or water.

1. Fat soluble vitamins :-

They are vitamin A,D,E,K . They require fat for their absorption and can be stored in body. In case of deficiency,the deficiency symptoms will not be seen immediately. It is stable and their excess is toxic. It is not lost through sweat, urine 

2. Water soluble vitamins :-

They are vitamin B complex and vitamin c. Being water soluble, they are easily absorbed .They are not stored in body and excess consumption is excreta through sweat and urine.

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