Causes and control of food poisoning | control remedies | causes

Some causes and of food poisoning are :- 

1. Food prepared in advance 
2. Cooling food too slowly
3. Not Re -heating food to high temperature
4. Under cooking
5. By cross contamination
6. Storing food at improper temperature
7. Poor food safety practise

Control remedies :-

1. Do not place hot food directly on refrigerator
2. Cook food thoroughly
3. Keep food covered
4. Do not store food between temperature danger zone which is 5 to 63 degree Celsius.
5. Keep raw food and cooked food separate
6. Do not overload refrigerator
7. Use clean drinking water during cooking
8 wash fruit and vegetables throughly.
9. Handle food with hand least .use tong , plastic gloves .
10. Keep food covered.
11. Prevent cross - contamination
12 clean as you go during cooking.
13. Avoid drinking raw milk
14. Practise high degree of cleanliness
15.sick person should not be allowed to work
16. Thaw food properly

Food you should avoid during food poisoning :-

Alcohol, Nicotine , Caffeine ,Milk ,cheese , spicy food , fried food , fatty food ,high sugar content , spicy food

Food you should take :-

Bananas , Rice , Boiled vegetables, dilute fruit juice .

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