Cleaning Agents

Cleaning agents are chemicals which assist in cleaning . It includes wide ranges of chemicals, water which are required for stain removals, cleaning . The water alone will not be efficient cleaner so we need different cleaning agents . Most cleaning agents we combined with water and used .

1. Water :- It is regarded as the universal cleaning agent. It is simple cleaning agent. Water are hard and soft . Hard water do not produce lather with soap easily  and can be boiled to remove hardness.

2. Soap :- soaps are made from combination of animal fats and caustic soda in various flavours. Soaps are usually three kinds - Bath soaps, washing soaps , liquid soaps

3. Detergents :- These are made from various chemicals and composed active ingredients builders and additives . When used with water they loose and remove dirt . A good detergent should have good wetting power, good emulsifying power and good suspending power. Emulsifying power is to break up grease and enable dirt to be loosened. Similarly different types of detergent are :- Neutral detergent, soapy detergent, synthetic detergent, biological detergent, mild alkali and strong alkali detergent.

4. Abrasives :- These are chemicals that depends upon scratching properties to clean dirt and grit.  They are used to remove very stubborn stains on various surfaces. Types of abrasive are Hard abrasives- It includes sandpaper, steel wool, pumice . Their scale of hardness is from 6 to 9. They are not used alone in cleaning agents. Fine abrasives,Medium abrasive .

5. Bleach and Disinfectants :- Disinfectant brings varying range of microbial control. It brings germs control. They have strong smell so should not be used every where in hotel. different types of disinfectant used in hotel are :- phenols , Halogens, Natural pine oil. Sodium hypo chloride is powerful bleach used for stain It is poisonous 

6. Caustic soda :- It is used to clean drains. It is used with hot water and should not be brought in contact with hand.

7. Scouring powder :- This is used to remove stubborn food deposited in pots , aluminium pans.

8. Acids :- strong acid includes sulphuric acid , Nitric acid  . They have low pH value. Weak acid are citric acid in lemon and acetic acid in vinegar.

9. Polishes :-  polishes are mainly four types , Metal polishes , Furniture polishes , Floor polishes and leather polish. Polishes produce shine and should be choose according to the materials.

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