Cleaning Procedure | Method of Cleaning

Cleaning process may be either mechanical or manual. The various types of cleaning processes are :-

A. Manual methods :-

They do not need electronic equipment.

1. Sweeping :- 

Equipments needed :- Broom , dust pan, dust bin

This is done to collect dust when the floor surface is smooth and not rough. Push broom are used for large areas and corn brooms are best for corners and tight spaces. A broom with long handled is most suitable ergonomically. 
Sweeping is not the most efficient, hygienic or advance way of removing dust . It has been replaced by suction cleaners.

2. Dusting :- 

Equipment and agents required :- cloth duster, feather duster.

Room Attendants should start dusting articles at the door and work clockwise around the room . This will minimize chance of overlooking a spot. Fold duster three times and thrice again which will give 18 clean folds, making the duster more effective. A soft and lint free cloth can be used as duster and old rags should be avoided . Dusting should be started from highest surface so that dust does not fall on items already clean. If you are using dusting solution , spray small amount on the cloth . Never spray dusting solution directly on the surface being clean as it can cause stain. It should be washed and dried after finishing work.

Damp dusting :- 

Equipment and agents required :- duster, water, plastic bowl, neutral detergent

It is the most preferred way of cleaning in hotel as surfaces can be wiped , dusted removing any sticky or dirty mark at same time. the duster should be squeeze after damping

3. Mopping :-

Equipments Required :- Dust - control mop, dust pan , dust collection bag and dust bin

It is the preferred way to remove dust sand or grit from a floor . If these substances are not removed from the floor on daily basis, they  will continually scratch the surface finish.

4. Manual scrubbing. -

Equipments and agents required :- Long handled scrubbing brush, mild detergent , bucket , water , mop , squeeze

For modern surfaces very little hand scrubbing is required . Scrub gently in straight lines away from yourself , working backwards . Rinse well in order to remove any detergent from the surface . Use squeeze to clear away excess rinse water and follow mopping. These method are used in periodic basis for keeping hard surface shiny and clean. 

B. Mechanised Methods :-

They utilize Equipments powered by electrical as well as Mechanical gadgets.

1. Suction cleaning :-

Equipment required :- wet/dry vaccum cleaners and mild detergent for wet cleaning

This is the basic and preparatory step to all other mechanized procedure . It is performed regularly. The goal is to remove as much as dry soil as possible so that it does not spread . Vaccuming with high filtration machine is the most complete method of dry soil removal. Wet vaccum cleaners are also available which helps to mop up water from floors as well .it can be used for both dry and wet work. Before vaccuming lift up large debris and it's dust should be emptied from time to time.

2. Shampooing :-

It is non routine task in hotel Housekeeping. Shampooing is a method of carpet cleaning which helps to retain natural shine of carpet.all the furniture are removed before shampooing. It is done with soft hand brush and machine . Before shampooing brush and vaccum the carpet thoroughly and prepare shampoo solution for foam to be formed.

3. Scrubbing :- 

This process removes embedded dirt , marks , scratches from the floor along with some of finish. The type of brush, detergent, speed of machine and weight of machine determine whether the process is heavy or light scrubbing.

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