Guest - Floor Reportables

The Housekeeping staff , especially Guest room attendant are rightly referred as the eyes and ears of the establishment. They have the most frequent access to guestroom and are expected to have an eye for detail.

There are certain Reportables matters that must be brought to the notice of supervisor or manager by guestroom attendant.

1. NB / NL :

The guest room attendant should notice this down on the room assignment sheet while servicing the room . This is important as such guest may skip easily without paying the hotel.

2. SB :

They can be turned into skipper very easily by just walking out of hotel property with out settling his account. Scanty baggage are guest with small piece of luggage  may be a hand baggage or no baggage at all. Premediator are guest with prior intention of skipping hotel without paying the room bill 

3. Change in number of person :

Guestroom attendant can identify it by seeing the number of beds that have been used /slept and amount of bath linen used. The information is crucial to know whether an extra person is staying with them without paying for that person.

4. Damaged or missing of the hotel property:

In case anything is damaged or missing, it needs to be reported immediately to the front office so that guest may be charged according to Management policy

5. Pets :

Hotel do not allow pets to be kept in guest rooms . When guest bring along pets , they are politely asked to put in the custody of staff appointed to take care of pets, keeping them in kennel.  However some guest may carry pets without authorization, if guestroom attendant see this, they should immediately report to the supervisor

6 Illegal items :

Some guest take advantage of privacy of hotel guestroom and indulge in certain illegal activities. They may be possession of illegal drugs, arms . If anything suspicious is noticed , it must be reported to supervisor immediately

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