Development Administration | Features of development Administration

It is the process of carrying out development plan, policies , projects towards social and economic development of country through developed Administration structure. 
Development activities are carried out in direction of national building , social and economic progress through developed Administrative organization. It is action oriented ,goal oriented , result oriented and changed oriented Administrative system. It is cultural change in Administration. This concept is development of post world war 2 era. 

Features of  development Administration :-

1. Change oriented
2. Goal and result oriented
3. Citizens participations
4. Believe in decentralization
5. Stress on planning
6. Commitment to development
7. Creativity and innovativeness
8. Accountability
9. Use of new strategy for development.
10. Sustainable development
11. Emphasis development on grass root level
12. positive result
13. Socio economic change 

Development Administration has emerged due to various reasons. It have evolved due to ;- 

1.  Due to development of Human relation theories.

2. Globalisation

3. Due to establishment of comparative public administration

4. Newly independent states across the globe.

5. The burden in country economy after world war 2

6. Innovative ideas  and creativeness.

7. Concept of  sustainable development.

8. New theories of Administration.

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