Dry Heat Medium | Frying | Deep Frying

Frying is cooking of food in oil or fat . The technique of frying is believed to be origin in Egypt around 2500 BC. It is quick method of cooking and cooked food items are really delicious. frying are following types :- 

1. Shallow frying :- shallow frying is the process of cooking food in small quantity of oil in pan. Shallow frying is following types :-

Stir frying :- It is done in wok . This method of cooking was originated from china.food items are cooked in high heat stirring continuously for some time.

Sauteing :- In French it meant to jump. Food items are cooked in less fat , on high heat tossing with salt and pepper usually.

Pan - frying :- It is cooking in minimum cooking oil in pan . The oil is just enough to lubricate the pan 

Rules :- 

1. Items should be seasoned before shallow fried.

2. The pan should have thick bottom

3. Drain the food well after frying

2. DEEP FRYING :- It involves complete immersion of food in pre heated oil . If the fat is not  hot enough the food breaks down and absorbs extra fat . The temperature for frying is between 160 degree Celsius to 195 degree Celsius.

Rules for deep frying :-

1. Fried items should have golden colour

2. Fried item should be served immediately

3. Food should be season after frying

4. Drain food properly after frying

5. Wet food item should be dried before frying

6. Always we should ensure oil is pre heat enough before deep frying.

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