chef de cuisine | executive chef | Duties

 The executive chef is the head of kitchen and they do all planning and execution of the menus. Apart from being skilled cook, they have to lead a team not by authority but by inspiring them . The responsibilities are - 

- To plan kitchen elegantly and economically 

- To recruit kitchen staff in co-ordination with management

- To supervise and train his staff

- To establish standard recipes and methods of preparation

- To control the quality, quantity and cost of the food

- To prepare capital and operational budgets

- Ensure hygienic,clean and safe environment of kitchen

- check spoilage and wastage 

- To co-ordinate with other departments of hotel

- Hire and fire staffs

- To attend food and beverage meetings

- keep oneself updated with market knowledge

- to drive the goal and vision of the company

- Take responsibilities for criticism and corrections.

- Greet with smile to everyone on hotel

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