Floor | Night | public Area | Linen and uniform | Desk control supervisors

They works under Assistant house keeping manager and are supervisors. They are critical persons on Housekeeping operations.

(NOTE :-
It will be difficult to keep in mind all functions, duties and responsibilities of these supervisors individually so,we will go through easy way ) 

1.  Lead train and motivate his team to provide service as per standard

2. Ensure Housekeeping policies , system and procedures are followed by their staff

3. Ensure standard operating procedures are followed by all staff

4. Maintain discipline and conduct staff appraisals

5. Train staff under them to achieve maximum efficiency from them

6. Ensure staff are properly groomed and in good hygiene

7. Inspect and supervise their respective areas

( These 7 points will be valid for all supervisors in Housekeeping department. now we will add 2/3 easy points

1.  Floor supervisor :-

  • Maintain floor pantry 
  • Inspect room complete by guestroom attendant
  • Issue floor keys to room attendants
  • Check scanty baggage

2. Night supervisor :- 

  • Prepare night report
  • Follow up special requirements left by evening shift
  • Ensure safety and hygiene of staff at night

3. Public Area supervisor :-

  • Inspect all public areas
  • Check safety system in public areas
  • Ensure party halls are kept ready and attractive all the time
  • Remove any items from public areas that require repair, washing,mending.

4. Linen and uniform Room supervisor

  • Assign daily works to tailor
  • Check condition of linen, uniform and take action for damage one
  • Check laundered item before dry cleaning
  • Maintain Register of linen movement

5. Desk control supervisor 

  • Maintain Register kept at control desk
  • Receive special requests from guest
  • Attend all phone calls at control desk
  • Take proper custody of key 
  • Handle lost and found articles.
( We should always remember those seven duties and responsibilities which is valid for all supervisors and even for managers and add some points more) 

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