Growth of Micro organism | factor affecting Growth of Micro-Organism

There are various  Conditions required for growth and multiplication of Micro-organism. 

1. Temperature :-  Micro organism multiplies rapidly between temperature range of 5 to 63 degree Celsius which is also known as temperature danger zone. Outside this range micro organism will will grow very slowly or not at all .

2. Food :- Milk and Meat products are favourite food for Micro organisms so care must be taken on them.

3. Time :- Bacteria multiplies in every 20 minutes . Time is needed for organism to multiply .The Environment should be made unfavorable for growth of Micro organisms.

4. Oxygen :-  oxygen is also required for growth of Micro organisms. That's  why to preserve food for longer time the air is removed from  inside and packed .

5. Water :- without water or moisture  food can be preserved for longer time. Micro organism favours moistness for their growth  . So dried food can be preserved for longer time

6. pH :-  Most Micro organisms favoured Neutral environment i.e pH level of 7 . No Bacteria will grow at pH less than 3.5  in pH range from 1 to 14

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