Process to handle complaints in Hospitality Industry

Complaints are dissatisfaction shown by guest towards our service . Complaints should be well handled and all complaints should be recorded. Complaints should not be repeated.

Complaints can be classified as :- 

1. Mechanical complaints :- This complaints occur when Equipment provided did not work .

2. Service complaints :- This complaints occurs when the service provided did not satisfy guest taste .e.g Waiter service in the restaurant 

3. Staff attitude problem : This problem occurs when the guest did not like attitude of staff. 

4. Unusual complaints :- This type of complaints are beyond the staff control e.g Too much rain or hot day.


While Handling Complaints it is essential that the person handling complaints should drive himself from emotions.

1. Stay calm and listen to the guest . Never interfare or stop him while speaking.

2. You can isolate the guest from other guest if he is disturbing the environment.

3. Take notes , it make complainer believe his complaints is being taken seriously.

4. Apologies him . It is the least what guest expects

5. Identify the problem  and think all alternative actions that might be taken

6. Promise what action will be taken immediately and it will not be repeated in future.

7. Immediately implement alternative and follow up.

8. Thank to the customer and greet with smile. 

9. Follow-up

10. Take special care of him during his stay

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