Herbs and spices in Thai cusine | Thai Herbs | seasonings

Herbs and spices are extensively used in Thai cuisine :-
1. Coriander (phak chi) :- also known as cilantro. The leaves and stem are eaten fresh and used used frequently as a garnish.

2. Dried chilly :- fully ripened red spur chillies  

3. Fresh chilly (phir - khi- noo) :- also called bird eyes chilly is smallest but the hottest type of chilly.

4. Galangal (kha) :- it is relative of ginger ,larger and lighter coloured with distinctive taste used in soup and curry paste

5. Holy basil :-  with slightly hot flavour and fragrant they are used in many stirred fried meat dishes and curries 

6. Kaffir lime (ma krut ) :- 
Also known as citronella,is an aromatic straw like green grass with tough texture uses in soup.

7. Mint leaves (Sara nae) :-

8. Lemon basil ( maeng - lak) :-
Light green stem and leaves with lemony flavour especially used for sea food along with soup, salads.

9. Pandanus leaf ( Bai toey )   :- long bright green leaf of small palm. Its fragrance are used in making Thai dessert 

10. Shallots :-  small red onion flavoured in Thai cooking.

11.sweet basil  ( horapha) :-

12. Wild ginger (kra chai) :-


lime  :- 

Palm sugar :-  it is made from sap of coconut palms and may be sold as coconut sugar.

Shrimp paste ( Ka pi ) :- shrimp which are salted and left to ferment, allowed to dry in sun and then grind .

Tamarind  ( ma khan) :- 

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