Dry Heat Medium - Grilling And Broiling

In grilling the food is cooked mainly by heat in form of infrared waves by cooking on grills bars which are pre - heated with and brushed with fat to prevent sticking of food. The source of heat may be charcoal , gas , electricity. In grilling , food can be cooked by:-

1. Over heat :-

Food items are placed on greased bar over heat source . Grilled bars are pre heated and brushed with fat before using . e.g  grills bar, charcoal bar ,barbeque . Only suitable for first class cut of meat and poultry.

2. Under Heat :-

Under heat broiling is usually done by salamander broiler which is Kitchen Equipment that produce very high temperature where heat source is located above .

3. Between Heat :-

Food is placed between heated bars or plates. It is usually applied to meat.

Rules for grilling/ Broiling :-

1. Marinate the food and rest it at least 30 minutes for grilling

2. Smaller items require short and quick cooking

3. Tongs are used for turning and lifting

4. Basting regularly helps to prevent dryness and even colour

5. Slow cooking results food drying out 

6. Always brush the grill bars with fat other wise food will stick to it.

7. Cooking time is varied according to size and nature of food.

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