How catering establishments are classified | primary catering | secondary catering

Catering establishments are classified according to :-

I) Nature of operation

II) Revenue or income margin

On the basis of nature of operation, catering establishments can be classified as :-


Primary catering establishments are mainly concerned with provision of food and beverage service to their customers in return for money . It can be subdivided into 

1. Residential establishments :- international chain hotels, resort, hotel,motel,Inn,Homestay and rotel , national chain hotel
               They are mainly established for profit and also they had provided employment opportunities for many people in the society . They charged according to level of standard ,facilities they offered and their primary target is businessman , tourist, traveller..

2. Food and beverage outlets :-
Specialties restaurant, national restaurant,cafeteria, clubs ,bar,pubs ,disco and national restaurants
               They provide food and beverage to customers for money and entertain people.

3. Outdoor catering :-
Outdoor function. Food festivals, picnic, outdoor activities
               They provide service outside their establishments.

B) SECONDARY CATERING ESTABLISHMENTS are the one in which the provision of food and beverage is a part of another business . They are not established primarily for money.They are subdivided into following:-

1. Residential establishments :-
Village home,youth hostel, sanatorium

2. Industrial catering :-
Army catering , police canteen,departmental canteen, factories canteen

3.transport catering :-
Airlines catering,railway catering,cruise catering

4. Institutional catering :-
University canteen, hostel canteen,college canteen, welfare cantee ,hospitals canteen


profitability is the primary concern of commercial catering. Customer are referred as guests and challenges are to satisfy customer and create such an image they they would want to come again. Planning of dishes is fairly easy . Also forecasting number of meal is difficult as volume of customer is unpredictable. E.g hotels, restaurant,fast food,takeaway.

in non commercial catering the profitability is not the outlets primary concern . Primary obligation is the well being and care of their customers. They are subdivided into- 

Industrial catering and institutional catering

 In industrial catering food is serve to meet the need of employees . It is the most sensitive catering and the biggest of the Union quarrel arise due to poor catering facilities provided by the company.

Institutional catering are those where food offer is not necessarily to make profit but because it is includes education institutions, army mess, hospital catering .

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