Accompaniment - Importance of Accompaniment

Accompaniment are additional dish or helping dish served along with principal/ main dish . They accompany the main/principal dish and includes dressings , sauce , seasoning , snack foods . They give distinct taste and contrast taste to principal dish. They are served according to nature of principal dish. Accompaniment helps to :-

  • They enhance the flavour of food e.g achar , chutney served on Nepali food

  • They give name to the dish . bolognaise sauce with spaghetti bolognaise 

  • They add value of the portion size of food i.e increase food value . 

  • They provide colour to the food. E .g different sauce served with main course

  • Accompaniment also helps to moisten the food . e.g ketchup with spring roll and different chutney on roast items

  • They enhance the nutritional value of the food.

  • They increase visual appearance of the food

  • They provide contrast in taste to the main course. E.g veloute sauce with chicken a la king

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