Inter - departmental Co-ordination | co-ordination Of Housekeeping Department

No individual Departments in any hotel can work in isolation . It is not only Housekeeping department in a hotel working towards the satisfaction of guest. The friction between the department should be minimum or not at all . The co-ordination of Housekeeping department with other departments are :- 

1. Co-ordination with front office :-

Room are chief concern to the front office and Housekeeping department. It is important to continuously exchange information on room status, list of arrival, VIP arrival of the day, expected arrival and departure for day in advance. If the guest departed before expected departure date front office should inform Housekeeping. The front office is not allowed to assign room untill the room have been cleaned, inspected and released by Housekeeping department. This two department should co-ordinate mainly for exchanging information about rooms 

2. co-ordination with Maintenance department :-

Maintenance department is mainly responsible for provision of engineering facilities that comfort guest and increase efficiency off staff. Maintenance department also provide training to save energy, resource in hotel from being wasted 

3. Co-ordination with security department :-

Co-ordination is mainly concerned with prevention of fire , thefts ,loss property, scanty baggage. Security department also give training sessions for handling emergency situation for staff 

4. Co-ordination with food and beverage department :-

The friction should not arise over matters such as waiters not collecting trays from guest room or room service staff leaving soiled trays in corridor , causing extra work through careless spills on carpet . Both restaurant and kitchen staff require clean uniform for which they need Housekeeping department.

5. Co-ordination with purchase department :-

Housekeeping should convey their requirements to purchase by two way of advance notice through purchase requisition form.

6. Co-ordination with sales and marketing:-

Two things are certain in hotel business, no matter how many guests a sale person brings in the door if Housekeeping doesn't perform his role effectively the guest will not be coming back again and no matter how well the room are if sales person do not bring potential guest to hotel, occupancy falls 

7. Co-ordination with store and laundry :-

Co-ordination with stores ensure availability of day to day necessities all the time required. Similarly, Housekeeping should co-ordinate laundry to ensure timely supply of linen.

8. Co-ordination with human resource department :-

Co-ordination is required for recruitment of staff , managing their salaries, bonus, issuing identity card , transfer, promotion, organizing training sessions.

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