Cleaning Equipment

Efficient cleaning and maintenance of house keeping department depends upon high quality cleaning equipment and correct procedure to use them. Both mechanical and manual Equipments are used in House keeping department. 

A. Manual Equipment :- It includes all type of Equipments that helps in cleaning by using operation of employees.

  • Brushes :- It is used to remove dirt from hard floor and soft floor. Brush have three parts ; Bristles , Headstock and Handle. Bristle may be animal or man made origins. Softer bristles are used for smooth and hard surface. Bristle is the main component of brush to clean. Brushes are mainly Hard, soft and scrubbing types. Hard brushes is used in rough surface and cleaning of carpet.

  • Brooms :- Brooms bristles is made of grass , corn or coconut fibre .Brush should never be left standing on their bristles which will bend it shape. Also soft brush should not be used on wet surface . 

  • Mops :- Dry mops and wet mops are used in hospitality operations. Mop consists of handles. Mop head is made of cotton, sponge. Damp mops are four types - Kentucky, Foss,sponge and squeegee.

  • Cloths :- various clothes are used extensively in wet and dry cleaning by Housekeeping staff . Clothes are colour coded for their correct use. Types of cloth used are Dusters, glass cloth, floor cloths, wet cloths , polishing cloths.

  • Containers :- we use various types of containers in Housekeeping department which are :- Buckets, Dustbins, Hand caddies,.

B.  Mechanical Equipment :-

  • Mechanical Equipments are powered by electricity or gas. Incorrect usage of this may result safety hazard. Some mechanical equipment are :-

  • Vaccum cleaners :- vaccum cleaners removes debris , soil, or water by suction. All vaccum cleaners operating principle is same. Vaccum cleaners are dry and wet.

  • Scarifying , Buffing and scrubbing machines which are general purpose floor cleaner machines. They add shine to the floor and removes dirt, dust. Their bristles is powered by electric motor.

  • Scarifying machines :- scarifying is the process by which heavy grease , mud , thick deposit are removed from surface of floors.

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