Sundry Services Provided by Hotels

They are the extra and additional services provided by the hotel to guest for their convenience. In competition age of hotel , a guest expects a lot from hotel . Hotel have to provide various other services along with accomodation and food , beverages. Sundry services in front office department is related to handling mails , message, providing information about hotel, paging , safe deposit locker , left luggage, wake up calls e.t.c.

1. Guest message :- Guest message means providing information from one guest to another. Message should be promptly and efficiently handled. If the message is not delivered promptly it will cause a problem which can result complaints. When a person wants to leave a message for guest staying in hotel and he is not available , a message slip is given to him or message is written by information assistant if it was on telephone call:-
  • Message slip will have triplicate copy.
  • Date and time will be crucially written
  • After message is written , the name of guest to whom message is to be delivered is repeated and name of caller , important message
  • The message slip will be signed by person who took message
  • Original copy is placed on envelope and room number is put. The envelope is slip to guest room through under the door.
  • Second copy will be placed in key pigeon hole
  • Third copy will be retained in pad.
2. Guest mail :-  Handling mail on the behalf of guest is an important Responsibility of reception desk. The hotel should be liable for inconvenience caused if unable to delivered on time. Mail are outgoing and incoming, in case outgoing mail , the hotel has to bear posting cost and voucher is sent for billing. Similarly incoming mail may be from various sources, Hotel mail, guest mail or employee mail. Hotel mail are forwarded to general manager after segregation and while receiving mail, following information are recorded:-
  • Date and time of arrival of mail
  • Is the seal of mail tear or not
  • It is then signed by mail delivery person.
  • It is signed by mail receiver on hotel.
3. Providing guest information :-

Front desk or information desk should be updated with information about hotel facilities, current news , local areas, city maps, vehicle rental , places to travel .

4. Paging :-

It is the system of locating the guest within the hotel premises by displaying the name of guest on small board with long handle. The board is held up and bell boy will move on public areas , ringing the bells to draw attention. Only the name of guest should be written but not message .this system is time consuming and create disturbance in public areas. Paging is done by bell boys.

5. Safe deposit locker :-

( We discussed it earlier in safety locker deposit procedure )

6. Left luggage Procedure :-

( We discussed it on left luggage Procedure , search left luggage Procedure on search bar)

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