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Lamb are meat of domestic sheep . The meat of sheep a year old or younger is known as lamb. Sheep less than a year have tender meat. Lamb is the meat of young sheep , usually not more than 12 month of age . It weights 16 to 18 kg . Lamb less than 3 month of age is spring lamb. There is little fat in lamb.

Mutton is a meat harvested from goat or sheep which is over one years of age. The sheep or goat may be male or female. The meat of Mutton is tough and used in various recipes. It have considerable amount of fat and the meat is red , strong flavoured.

The meat should be bright red with white and firm fat covering. It should have pleasant smell without sticky fat. The carcass/flesh should be compact and evenly fleshed. Similarly, bones should be porous and pink in colour in case of younger animals. 

Lamb is source of protein , vitamin and minerals. A 100 gram of lamb have28.4 gram of protein and 13.5 gram of fat with significant amount of B vitamins.

The figure below shows different cuts of lamb.

1. Shoulder :- This part of animals work hard so meat from lamb shoulder is full of flavours. It is great choice for stewing and slow roasting. Shoulder meat is also often trimmed of fat and sold as cubes for curries , kebabs. The whole shoulder is also called 'square cut ' could consists of arm , blade and rib bones.

2. Breast :- This cut is from Rib cage and is one of the cheapest cut . The price is similar to scrag end. It can be roasted on bone, boned or stuffed. 

3. Flank :- It is much tougher and usually sold as minced meat 

4. Fore shank :- It is also known as lamb shanks and this cut is suitable for slow roasting , stewing and Braising. 

5. Leg :- It is prime cut with little fat and excellent for roasting. It is cut into lamb steaks and suitable for frying , grilling.

6. Loin :- It is the most tender part of lamb excellent for roasting , frying and grilling.

7. Neck :- it is one of the tougher cut and sold as stewing lamb or minced. It is suitable for very long, slow , moist Cooking. 

8. Scrag :- it is neck end and one of the tougher cuts hence cheaper. 

9. Rack :- it is name given to whole rib section . It is expensive cut and tender and flavoursome cut. It is suitable for dry heat Cooking such as roasting , grilling.

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