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Equipment related to culinary art are kitchen appliances . Different kitchen appliances are used ranging from manual to mechanical , small to large in a professional commercial kitchen.

The selection directly affects output and performance of Kitchen so selection of kitchen equipment usually begins along with planning and designing of layout of Kitchen. 

Several factors should be considered before purchasing equipment which are :-

1. Appearance :- Equipment should look nice and fit well .

2. Durability :- Equipment should be durable. They should give value for  the money and should be able to run for a long time

3. Ease :-  It should be easy to use for handling properly 

4. Noise :-   It  should  have an acceptable Noise level .

5. Maintenance :- kitchen Equipment should be easy for maintenance and cleaning.

6. Spare parts :- spare parts should be easily available.

7. Attachment :- Extra attachment and facilities are also preferred for convenience.

Kitchen equipment may be categorized into three group.

1. Large Equipment :- 

Large appliances are differentiated from from small ones because they are larger , difficult to move and fixed in one part of kitchen . They cannot be moved from one place to another easily. They are major appliances used in for food preparation and cooking in Commercial kitchen .

It includes both mechanical and manual. Mechanical equipment is a device that use energy to perform activity.  Some large kitchen equipment are :- 

1. Deep fat fryer
2. Electrical oven
3. Cooking range 
4. Refrigerator
5. Deep freezer
6. Tandoori oven
7. Dough mixer 
8. Microwave oven 

Refrigerator maintains Temperature few degree above freezing point of water while freezer maintain Temperature below freezing point of water .

2. Small Equipments :- 

Small Equipments are device used for holding and serving food in the kitchen. They are easier to move and are smaller in size . Similarly they are easily movable from one place to another . Some name and use of small Equipments are  :-

1 . Wok :- It was origin in China . They are mostly used for stir frying .

2. Saucepan :- It is deep and thick bottomed pan with long handle used for preparation of sauce , soup.

3. Frying pan 

4. Toaster

5. Pressure cooker

6. Chinosis

7. Colander

8. Pressure cooker

9. Toaster

10. Greater

11. Squeezer

12. Chafing dish

13. Mixing bowl

14. Soup ladle and spatula

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