Guest Room | Layout of single Rooms

Inside guest room different facilities and Equipments are provided for comfort of guest and to make him feel " home away from home" . The facilities offered and given by hotel determine its class. Various amenities are provided to guest which can be divided into contents and suppies.

  • Contents :- contents are physical things in guest room which are meant for longer time like bed , tables , wardrobe , TV cabinet, bathtub

  • Supplies are essential things that are provided by hotel in timely basis like bed sheet , pillow cover , toilet paper , soap , bath towels , shampoo, ball pen , paper.

Well, we will now see layout of a single room or layout of guest room . This is the simplest layout to draw and keep in mind :-

In the picture, in bathroom there is w.c (washing cistern) , vanity area , sanitary bin and bath tub. There is single bed and side to it there is side table where  lamp, telephone, paper and pen we can see clearly. There is also coffee chair and tables , waste paper basket , writing tables , television rack , luggage rack and wardrobe simultaneously. Always television rack should be opposite to bed , which we can see on figure also.

  • Bed :- it is the main element of guest room. The bed should be comfortable and also should have comfortable pillow and mattress. Each bed contain one mattress, one blanket , mattress protector, pillow two, bed cover one . 

  • Bed side table :-  There is bed side table on headboard side of bed  which height is equal to height of bed. It consists telephone , writing pad, ball pen , Candle or torch light , room service menu.

  • Coffee table :- it contains ashtray and chair ,matchbox , cups.

  • Waste paper basket :- it is for disposal of wastage.

  • Writing tables :- there is lamp, ashtray , thermos, writing paper, ball pen .it also have drawer which contains envelope, laundry bag , guest comments card , envelope

  • Television Rack :- Television rack is located opposite to guest bed . There are also drawer with light snacks and mini bar which contains alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages in small amount so guest can refresh themselves. 

  • Luggage rack :- It is for putting luggage and made of wood . 

  • Wardrobe :-  It is large cupboard for hanging clothes and for keeping safe deposit. There is hangers , extra blanket , laundry bag, sewing kit and safe deposit locker .It is attached on wall 

(Note - This is standard layout of guestroom and layout of single room . For layout of Double room , draw bed little big than this and write double bed instead of single bed.)

  • Supplies of Guest bath room :-

Two extra large bath towel

Two bath  towels 

Two face towels 

Two bath mat

Bath soap one, hand soap one, toilet paper two rolls, two glass, shower cap one , waste basket  one , shampoo two, body wash two, conditioner  two and bathrobe one or two.

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