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Max Weber , A German sociologist propounded this theory . It define hierarchy governed by clearly defined rules and line of Authority. It Advocates management by Rules.

The characteristics of Bureaucracy are :-

1. Division of labour  based on functional specialization . Each department should look after specific functions. 

Well defined hierarchy of authority. Scalar chain from top to bottom.

3.clearly defined Rules i.e management by Rules.

4. system of procedures to deal with work situation.

5. Technical competence for employment and promotion of employees 

6. All decisions should be Recorded

7. Impersonality of personal relations . Relation by rules. Relation ship is formal as it it is based on position and not on personalities 

Contributions of Bureaucratic model :-

1. It is used to manage big and complex Organization like government , army 

2. Decision making is rational

3. Technical competence of Employee is facilitated.

4. There is well defined chain of command

5. Rules and regulations are well defined 

6. The rules apply to everyone from bottom to top

7. Relationship are based on position.

Limitations of Bureaucracy Model :-

1. It is rigid

2. It lacks flexibility

3. Communication is slow

4. Role conflict occurs due to outdated system of authority

5. It ignore informal relationship at work

6. Too much emphasis is given on rules and regulations

7. Dedication and commitment of staff is ignored for promotion

8. It does not talk about human relation theory.

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