Moist Heat Medium of cooking | Steaming

Steaming is a method of cooking using water vapour . Steaming is capable of cooking all kinds of food . It is also healthy cooking technique . The food items are keep in contact with steam but away from boiling water. Steaming are two types :- Direct steaming and Indirect steaming. In direct steaming food items are kept in direct contact with steam . e. g - MOMO making . Indirect steaming is done when food items are placed in close pan ,which is surrounded by plenty of steam from Boiling water.

Rules for steaming :-

1. Green vegetables are not suitable for steaming as they will discolour. cooked by steaming retains all nutrients and flavour

3. Only suitable food should be steamed .

4. Care must be taken as temperature of steam is higher than  boiling temperature of water so steam is severe.

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