Daily Cleaning of a Guestroom | priority while Cleaning Guestrooms

A guestroom Attendant may have to service anywhere between 13 and 18 bedrooms in a day. The standard is 16. Some rooms may be occupied, some may be vacant and in some room there may be VIP of the house. Similarly some occupants request early make - up and some hung make my room card on door knob . They should be dealt accordingly and we should know who to give  first priority.

The priority of daily cleaning of guestroom by guestroom Attendant is :-

  • Guestroom whose occupants requested for early make - up

  •  VIP Rooms

  • Check out Rooms blocked for arrivals

  • Check - out rooms

  • Occupied room with please make my room signs hung up

  • Stayover

  • Rooms that have DND card in the morning

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