Mother sauce | Bechamel | veloute

Bechamel sauce is named after Louis de bechamel . It is prepared with white roux and mildly flavoured with onion . It does not require stick and made with Milk, flour and butter .

Recipe for bechamel sauce :-

Ingredients.          5 litre.               1 litre
Flour.                     450 gram.        90 gram
Butter.                   450 gram.        90 gram
Milk.                        5 litres.            1 litre
Studded onion      125 gram.       25 gram
With clove and bay leaf

Preparation :-

Bring milk to boil with studded onion and set aside
Melt butter,add flour , stir and cook roux over gentle heat without colouring till it gets sandy texture
Pour the milk into the roux stirring continuously with a wooden spoon to avoid lump
Simmer gently for half an hour . Remove studded onion and pass through a fine strainer.


it is a basic blond sauce . It is prepared from blond roux and a stock. it gets its name from the type of stock used .

Recipe for veloute :-

Ingredients.            5 litre.          1 litre
Butter.                     400 gram.    90 gram
Flour.                       400 gram.    90 gram
Stock.                        5 litre.           1 litre

Preparation :- 

Prepare blond roux
Add cold stock to the roux, stir vigorously to avoid lumps.
Simmer gently for one hour , stirring frequently with wooden spoon.
Pass through a fine strainer.

Note :- fish veloute should be cooked for 20 minutes only and wine should be added at a later stage

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