Scope of public administration |

1. Public administration as an activity :-

Public administration consists of all activities of an government. In the modern welfare state people expect many things , wide variety of services, protection from government . It provides numerous welfare and social security services to the people along with management of government owned industries and regulation of private industries.

2. Public administration as a Discipline :-

To understand public administration as Discipline :- 

I. Narrow perspective or posDcorB perspective :- according to willick scope of public administration is narrow/limited. It insists that public administration is concerned with only those aspects of administration related with executive branch and seven type of function :- planning ,organizing, staffing , directing , co-ordination, reporting and budgeting. It is technic oriented perspective ,not subject oriented

II. Broad perspective or subject oriented :-
Professor woodrow Wilson is the main exponent of this perspective. According to this-
Public administration covers all three branch of government. Legislative, executive and judicial and their inter-relationship.
Scope of public administration covers from class one officer to class four employees 
Public administration has important role in formulation of policy from national to grassroot level.

3. Prevailing view :-

It divides the scope of public administration into two parts :- 
I. Administrative theory
II. Applied administration.

Administrative theory includes organizational theory , behaviour and public personal administration. And applied administration includes political function , legislative function, financial function, economic administration , educational function e.t.c

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