Types of spices used in different cuisine

Example of spices

1. Nutmeg  :- it is also known as jaifal . It is aromatic and stimulant obtained from the kernel of mystic trees

2. Mace :- it is also known as javatre in local name . It is outer covering of nutmeg and have stimulant and aromatic qualities. 

3. Garam masala :- it is highly aromatic mixture and is sprinkle over dishes that have almost finished cooking. Gram masala consists of cardamom seed ,nutmeg ,mace ,cinnamon stick,cloves , black pepper corns which are ground together.

4. Cumin seed  and coriander seed :- they can be used as whole , ground or roasted grounded. They are used mostly in all Nepali and Indian cuisine.

5. Fenugreek :- it is called methi in local language . They have bitter taste  and have some medical properties.

6.clove :- it is called luwang in local language . They are dried unopened flower buds .

7. Cinnamon :- it is also called dalchinni in local language and obtained from bark of the trees.

8. Cardamom :- it is also called sukumel in local language. 

9. Aniseed :- it is called saunf

10. Asafoetida :- it is called hing and used in very small quantity.

11. Bay leaf :- it is also called Tejpatta . The leaves are usually dried .

12. Black pepper :- it is very expensive from history to present.  It has been used as farm of currency .

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