Mis-en-place is a French term which in English means 'put into place' or preparation of of workplace. It is used in both food production and food and beverage service department. In professional,kitchen It refers to organizing and arranging ingredients like cutting meats, sauces ,  chopping vegetables, obtaining required food materials from store, spices , herbs, par cooking items.  All Activities that cook will require for menu items are arranged . It makes the outlet Ready for service. It mainly helps us in saving time and to perform duties efficiently. poor preparation of food in advance can cause slow service causing dissatisfaction in guest.

Mis - en - place of restaurant Dining :-

1. Standard setting of tables in proper places

2. Setting up tables with side plate, joint plates

3. Napkin folding

4. Glasses setting on table

5. Cruets filled 

6. Flower arranged in bud vase

7. Placing magazines, newspaper

8. Menus ready

9. Cutlery , crockery arranged

10. Accompaniment and condiments ready.

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