Guest Floor Rules

There are certain rules to be followed by Housekeeping staff while working on the guest Floor . The hotel management sets this rules and they are communicated to staff through employee manuals and briefing. The most important are :-

1. The staff should be friendly and polite to guests , greeting them according to the time of the day

2. A guest room attendant should not knock on the door and try to access guestroom with do not display card hanging in door knob

3. Standard procedure should be followed for entering guest rooms. Doors should be knocked softly announcing Housekeeping. If there is no answer wait some time and knock again saying Housekeeping. If there is still no answer doors should be held slightly and Housekeeping should be called.  If the guest do not answer it can be assumed that Room is empty and we can enter and proceed cleaning 

4. In case guest answers the knock , the guest room should introduced himself and ask if they would like their room serviced. If yes, the guestroom attendant should proceed to clean the room . If he don't want service immediately ask for convenient time.

5. Guestroom attendant should keep the guestroom door wide open when cleaning it

6. The staff should not leave any kind of notes for guest

7. If guest acts in strange manner or one that makes guestroom Attendant uncomfortable the attendant should make excuse to leave and contact supervisor

8. The staff should always remain calm in front of guests

9. The staff should not argue with guest

10. Staff should not use guest elevator

11. When accepting gifts from guest , they should also request a letter stating the gift

12. Staff communication should be on low voice and tone in guest floor

13. Paper or items found in checkout rooms should not be thrown

14. The staff should always be well groomed in guest floor as grooming directly reflects standard of property.

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