Offal | Example of Game Meat

OFFAL  :- 

OFFAL is the name given to edible parts taken from inside of the animal carcass.  OFFAL are rich in vitamin and proteins.  Generally, offal are organ taken from inside of the animal carcass like kidney, tail, heart , kidney, Brain , tongue , liver , gizzard .

Offal is also known as variety meat and are the organ meat of animal. Offals are in expensive , nutritious and delicious. Offal= of - fall or what is left after butchering. They have more nutrients but they spoil a lot quicker than muscle meat so should be consumed fast.

Note :- More about game meat is shown below :

GAME :- 

GAME are hunted birds or meat of hunted birds for food. Wild animal hunted for their meat are called bush meat in Africa. Some example of game meat are  given below :


The meat of alligator taste like combination of pork , Rabbit , chicken. The best meat comes from tail


The meat of quail is serve with bones . Meat is basted and roasted.  Bones are also chewable.


BEAR meet is like beef  also, bear is high in protein and low in fat.

Venison :- 

The term venison applies to deer meat , elk meat and reindeer meat. The best cut is from loin area and the meat should not be overcooked.

Bison :- Bison meat taste like beef but is leaner . Tougher cuts are cooked very slowly over low heat

Rabbit :- Rabbit is low in fat and similar in taste and texture to chicken.

Turtle :- The meat is very flavourful and chewy . It often goes in soup

Pigeon :- The meat us dark and tender .

Wild Duck :- The meat of duck is mostly on the breast and legs. The meat of leg is fattier. Boneless duck breast is called Magret.

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