Rechauffe | Rules of Rechauffe | Reheat food

'Rechauffe ' means to reheat foods, which have been left over after service and use these leftover foods in preparation of new dishes. Knowledge of Rechauffe is very important as many tasty and interesting dishes can be prepared  and it is economic also , but , food should be thoroughly and carefully heated.

Rules of preparation / rules for Rechauffe

  • Only sound food should be used  . If there is any doubt the food should be thrown
  • Do not over cooked the foods as it will tough the fibre hardening of proteins.
  • Nutritional value which is lost during cooking should be supplemented through other food
  • The food must be absolutely fresh
  • Immediately after the service over any remaining food should be rapidly cooled and put in refrigerator.
  • Additional food should be added as flavouring agent
  • Additional moistness is also require in form of sauce and gravy
  • Seasoning is necessary as reheated food lose of their original flavour
  • Food are protected from direct heat and also good must be reheated carefully .
  • The food should be served as soon as possible after reheating .
  • Use  a variety colour in the garnish using different ingredients.
Roast beef can be turned to shepherd pie , chicken fry to chicken curry , lamb chop to lamb curried  and poached white fish to fish pie and fish cake , hard boiled eggs to scotch egg grated cheese to mornay sauce.

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