Indenting | Factors affecting Indenting | Portion Size For Buffet Function

Indenting is a document which gives us information about required goods in quantity with specifications. When some functions is going to be held in our Hotel , raw material is required for production of food so to get requirements from Store we give a written request stating quantity required and units required. This written document/statement on a request form is known as Indent and process of making indent is indenting. 


  • Size of portion
  • Day of function
  • Type of Guest
  • Age and religion of Guest
  • Type of Menu
  • Number of expected and Guarrented pax
  • Types of service
  • Number of snacks
  • Drinks offered or not
  • Cutting size of food items
  • Number of dishes
  • Number of Non veg guest 


We are organizing a function , being a manager is not easy, we have to calculate food cost , portion required , calculate estimated cost and every minute details. About food cost , labour cost , overhead cost we have discussed in previous blog now we will discuss about required portion size of common food items. 

1. Rice - Rice doubles in volume when we cook so 1 kg of rice will feed 10-12 person without snacks and 1 kg of Rice with snacks will feed 16-20 person . 

2. 1 kg of flour yield 20-25 pieces of Tandoori roti and 14-16 pieces  of Naan

3. Now , Mutton 1 kg will yield us 20-25 pieces so it may feed 5-7 pax. Curry style but less pax when it is dry/ fry 

4. Daal / pulses 1 kg will feed 10-15 person

5. Paneer 1 kg in Curry cut will feed 14-15 pax 

6. Vegetable item on gravy will feed 10-12 person per kg

7. Salad a kgs will feed 15-20 person.

We have to calculate Indenting before ordering requirements from Store and it should be cost effective or else our profit suffers. All assumptions should be made about requirements. 

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