Hospitality and it's Characteristics, Nature

The word Hospitality is derived from the latin word " hospes " derived from hostis , of host and the Hospice ; a medieval 'Home of Rest ' . The literal meaning of Hospitality is looking after guest well which includes showing respect to guest , providing their needs and generous treatment of guests . The basic needs of stranger or customer are looked mainly related to food , drinks and accomodation. Hospitality is positive relationship between guest and host and provided pleasant atmosphere to guests. 

The hospitality industry consists of hotels, lodging operations and other leisure and recreation activities closely link to travel and tourism. The main focus of Hospitality Industry is service. 

Characteristics and Nature of Hospitality 

Hospitality service is primarily focused on customer satisfaction and includes all establishment involved in providing service to guests such as hotel , lodges , restaurant , travel agencies. Some nature and characteristics of Hospitality are :-

1. Intangibility :- Hospitality service is intangible in nature that is it cannot be seen , touched , tasted prior to purchase. The services are not known till taken. Service can only be imagine

2. Perishability :- Hospitality service cannot be stored for later sale and cannot be stored for future. Unused service lost revenue for that day. Example , a room that is not sold today lost revenue for that day . 

3. Ownership :- Hospitality ownership cannot be owned . The service can only be hired for period of time. The ownership cannot be transferred. Example a hotel room can be used but it cannot be owned after paying 

4. Service is a process :- service takes time to deliver and time to receive and consume.

5. Unstable Demand :- The demand of Hospitality service is unstable as it is always influenced by seasons , economy , politics . The demand is sometime higher and sometime lower.  

6. Heterogeneous :- Hospitality service are heterogeneous in nature . All individuals vary and same individual may not perform same service every time. The same service cannot be provided for all. 

7. Hospitality service cannot be delivered without customer. Customer are our source of revenue. 

8. There should be right interaction between customer and service provider for productivity.

9. The customer should be present to receive the facility and services. Services cannot be transferred as one needs to be present to receive it. 

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