Beverage | Classification of Beverages

Beverage is derived from the Latin word  'Bever' which meant rest or repose from work. Beverage can be defined as any type of intoxicating or non - intoxicating drinks which is hygienically consumed by human , either to quench thirst or for enjoyment, refreshments, relaxation or nourishment.

Beverage constitute significant amount of revenue in a Hotel as during Breakfast nourishing drinks like milk ,fruit juices and malted drinks like Horlicks , hot chocolate are served. At lunch cold beverage, juice, fermented drinks are served and at dinner time alcoholic beverages are consumed for relaxation and and refreshment. Beverage includes drink ranging from milk, juice to spirits ,beer , liqueurs.

Classification of Beverage

Beverage can be classified into two :

1. Alcoholic beverage
2. Non - Alcoholic beverage

Alcoholic.                                   Non - Alcoholic
        |.                                                     |
Fermented,  distilled, compound
        |.                  |.                  |
Wine.               Brandy       liqueur
Beer.                Whisky.       Cordials
Cider.                Rum.           Bitters
Perry.               Gin
Feny.                Vodka

             Refreshing ,  Nourishing , stimulating
                     |.                     |.                    |
  Aerated,  non aerated.   |.                  Tea
      |.            |.                   Juice.             Coffee
Coke.        Mineral w.      Milk.      
Soda w.      Syrups.        Milk base 
Tonic w.     Cordials.      Liquid
Ginger B      squash

Beverage are classified as Alcoholic and non - alcoholic . Alcoholic beverages are further classified into three types :- fermented, distilled and Compound. Wine, beer, cider, Perry, feny are fermented beverage while Brandy, whisky , rum, gin, vodka, tequila are distilled alcoholic beverages. Similarly compound alcoholic beverages consists of liqueur , cordials, Bitters. 

Non - alcoholic beverages are divided as refreshing , Nourishing and stimulating. Refreshing . Nourishing beverage are further divided into Aerated and non Aerated. Coke, sprite, lemonade ,soda water and tonic water while non aerated beverages consists spring water , syrups, cordials, squash. Nourishing drinks consists of juice , milk , milk base liquid and stimulating drink consists of tea /coffee.

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