Menu planning | Factors influencing Menu planning

Menu planning is a managerial level task. It is composing series of meal and drinks.  A menu not only act as selling tool and give information to guest/ consumer but it also gives various information to Management like food cost , gross profit, profit margins so it should be effectively planned. One may wonder creating menu is easy , just write dishes and price but it takes a lot than that think . 

The goals / objective of planning menu is. -

1.  To make the menu accurate :- the menu should tell the truth , menu should never lie so the information in menu should be accurate . The guest may feel cheated if menu is not accurate which directly affects reputation of the property

2. To make sure the menu meets guest expectations :- menu should meet expectations of customer. It should represent guest taste and choice of guests rather than manager choice. Menu should be plan from guest perspective. 

3. To make menu cost effective :- the menu items should have selected menu items that are within the operation budget

4. To make sure the menu meet quality objective:- the menu should meet quality objective. Quality is never ending process and continuous process. All the factors should be considered like workforce, space needed, well balanced meals,


1. The customer :- Menu should be based targeting the customer. It should be based on a group where the organization is going to exist . All factors of customer should plan like social background, religious background, Economic background and their choice

2. The Market :- Menu should be based  in availability of ingredients in market. Every ingredients are not available in all place of world so the market will directly influence the planning of menu. Everything like quality, season and availablity, local news should be known and research.

3. The manpower :- various kinds of manpower are available in market ranging from unskilled  to skilled form. The qualifications of staffs, capacity , attitude , strength and weakness also influence menu planning .

4. The facility :- Everything regarding the property should be known before planning the menu like service , kitchen, storage facility 

5. The menu makers :- The final approval of general manager is needed and after suggestions of committe of expert like f and b manager , executive chef ,sales manager. The menu makers also directly influence Manu planning.

7. Physical and psychological factors :- several physical and psychological factors also influence menu planning.

8. Menu pricing :- The menu pricing also influence menu planning.

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