Types of kitchen | Different types of Kitchen

1. Main kitchen :- 

It is also called  central kitchen and conventional kitchen. Executive chef office is located at this kitchen and occupies more space. This kitchen is located at central part of the hotel normally,near  food and beverage outlets. It provides wide range of food varieties/cuisines  and have both A' la carte and Table d hote menu for breakfast , lunch and dinner. It is the kitchen where works of all Commer kitchen takes place . This is fully independent kitchen as it receives the ingredients , store them properly and performs Mis - en - place  as well as final production.

2. Satellite kitchen :-

Satellite kitchen is constructed and established to cater particular food and beverage outlets where main kitchen cannot cater due to location disadvantages. They are established to cater particular food and beverage outlets in a hotel. It is dependent kitchen as it depends on main kitchen for sauce, stock , gravies. Normally ,it is run by chef de partie and commis . Banquet kitchen and coffee shop kitchen are good examples of satellite kitchen

3. Fast food kitchen :- 

They provide dry and light food which can be eaten on premise or taken away. Items like burger, sandwich , pizza , snacks , fish and chips e.t c are served . Fast food kitchen is influenced by American catering technology I.e fast food lead to a fast life .

4.  Display kitchen :- 

In display kitchen , food is prepared in full view of customers . It is also called open kitchen or show kitchen .when food is prepared in full view of customers it add appeals to the eye  and increase dining experience due to aroma of food. It takes help from the central kitchen for different semi - prepared food items.

5. Experimental kitchen :-

The main objective of this kitchen is different as it is established with objective of improvement of food production rather than serving customers. They are research and development based kitchen. They are also used to develop new food items in Menu.

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