Some Famous Japanese Dishes

Sushi is the most popular Japanese dish which is popular throughout the world (sushi along with its type is posted on previous post). Along with sushi some other popular dishes are :- 

1. Tempura :- It is a Japanese dish in which vegetables or seafood are battered and deep fried. 

2. Japanese Curry rice :- Curry was brought over by Indian traders and it is more than sweeter. It may includes ingredients like vegetables, meat , seafood. 

3. Yakitori :- It is prepared in skewer by slathering in tangy barbecue sauce and grilled to perfection.

4. Takoyaki :- it is ball shaped fried food. They are crispy on outside and creamy in inside which are anchored by firm bite of octopus. It is very favourite at festival and as late afternoon snack . Takoyaki are topped by seaweed , barbecue sauce , scallion and many more. 

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