Bulk Food Production | Features | Production System of Bulk Food Production

Bulk food production is also known as quantity food production . When food is made to cater more number of person it is termed as bulk food production. Any food prepared for a number more than 25 can be termed as Bulk or Mass / volume production. Bulk food preparation is divided into two categories :

1. Commercial catering : In commercial catering Food is made and served for earning profit. it includes places like hotel, restaurant, clubs, disco, fast food, bars , banquet. 

2. Social catering : in social catering food items are provided healthy and in cost effective way for masses without aiming for earning profit.

Menu used : For commercial catering , they do production as per their menus and forecasting number of portion to be made. For social catering production is done as per the cyclic menus and the portion to be made is daily fixed. 


  • The aim is to supply hygienic and safe food to the masses/volume 
  • A perfect planning , portion control and wastage minimise are key factor
  • Food is prepared for more than 25 pax. 
  • Menu served is either cyclic or choices 
  • It uses very large kitchen equipment
  • More manpower is necessary to maintain service standard and cook
  • Food is prepared especially for Functions 
  • The produce food items should retain nutritional value and have proper garnish.
  • Speed along with Quality should be achieved
  • Maximum of profit is achieved through bulk food production
  • It takes long time to prepare food items to cook and continuous effort is required.
  • Team effort is the must for efficiency
  • Wide ranges of kitchen equipment are used. 


Bulk food production requires more space and continue flow of food worker and products throughout workspace. Bulk food production Must be designed to allow six basic requirement for systematic work and production system which are :-

Receiving :

The receiving area must be located close to an entrance to the building and be easily accessible while also being secure from theft and pests. It should be designed in such a way that it should be easy to receive goods

Processing :

Here the breakdown and storage of raw materials and goods takes place. example, if a large package of canned goods is delivered it is separated into smaller units and stored

Dry storage and cold storage :

pantry, refrigerator, and freezer of the kitchen. These must be large enough to hold enough food for production, but not so large that they take up valuable space and waste energy.

Preparation :

The actual washing, chopping, cooking, mixing,occurs here in bulk food kitchens. The equipment and space needed for food preparation depends on the type of food that is being produced. This area is often divided into vegeterian and Non - vegeterian section.

Service :

Now, the cooked bulk food products are transferred to eat to a customer.Equipment needed for this area includes chaffing dishes, or metal serving platters that can be heated without being connected to an energy source. The heat amount given should be low ( below from chaffing dish) otherwise dishes may overcook and taste bitter

Cleaning section :

The bulk kitchen should always remains clean and sanitize after each day of work. All the kitchenware and equipment are washed  and kept properly along with chaffing dishes.

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